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Welcome to  the sample site for the e3Business training. This site provides an overview of the e3Business training site for clients, including the e3Beliefs and e3Tools, organized in the e3Business Six Step approach. 

This training was developed for those seeking easy, effective and efficient solutions to the problems faced by any organization.

  • e3Business training is based on three simple principles.
  • Each of the e3Beliefs and e3Tools contains only three parts, making them quickly accessible when needed.
  • The e3Tools are so flexible and dynamic that less than two dozen are needed.

The topics in the left column introduce and explain the e3Principles, the e3Beliefs, the e3Tools and the e3Business Six Steps. The Posts and Comments are intended to facilitate the use and development of these concepts. 

The tabs on the top menu link to forms, presentations and the e3FM Tools for medical offices.

Easy, Effective, Efficient